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3C Curriculum

Our 3C education model in Edify School Patna revolves around ‘Inquiry based learning’ through the ‘3C approach’ which develops ‘Character, Competence and Content’ in a child, and ensures holistic education to the child.

Edify School Patna environment and curriculum reflects the natural needs of the young inquisitive mind of the child…

Edify School Patna holistic education program is designed by infusing the best of international learning practices, which provide the best learning environment to each individual learning style of the child.

Edify School Patna child centric approach helps the child to give meaning to their world.

Edify School Patna trans-disciplinary approach caters the need of the individual learning style of the child.

What is 3C?

Edify School Patna developed the 3C curriculum guided by the vision of creating progressive thinking Individuals who will create a positive change in the society.

The 3C Concept, a concept that seeks to create a social place of learning and knowledge. Where “Why is encouraged and “What” is nurtured.

Where self esteem and independence, leadership and innovation, problem solving and responsibility are emphasized, all in a participative environment of academic inquiry. Where the inculcation of these and many more vital skills will help your child step into tomorrow competently and confidently.