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Dear Programme

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A weekly DEAR program (Drop Everything and Read), provides students with much more than a just-sit-there-and-read experience. This program has transformed the definition of reading. With a library that houses nearly 15,500 books, magazines, newspapers, periodicals, journals and eBooks, our budding readers are spoilt with a whole range of choices. It also gives the teacher a structured time to touch base with each student over a period of time, assess progress, and target instruction. The Program enlists the homeroom facilitator’s assistance to guide students through books of a wide array of genres, titles and time-periods. From beloved classics of Elliot & Austen, to more contemporary fiction for young-adults, our students grow through age-appropriate reading assignments that balance their interests and taste. Book reviews, reports and conferencing help students share their reading and articulate their personal take on whatever is read. The D.E.A.R. Program inspires in our students a deep and enduring love for reading and literature that leaves a lasting imprint on their lives.